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Why a Professional Message On-Hold & IVR is a Must-Have for Early Childhood Education Centres

16 May 2024


Childcare and Early Learning centres aim to give young children a secure, nurturing environment, and with many centres operating throughout Australia, the phone system is pivotal in establishing good relationships with parents and carers as well as representing your business.

Imagine a parent calling for the first time, eager to learn about your centre for their child, or a current parent calling to seek urgent information. How good would it be for them to be greeted by a friendly, caring, professional voice on the other end of the line, directing them seamlessly to the right department or providing valuable information?  This is the power of a professional message on hold and interactive voice response (IVR) system which you can implement for your early childhood education centre.

Creating a Positive First Impression

First impressions matter, and often, the first point of contact for parents with an early childhood education centre is over the phone. A professionally recorded message on hold will immediately set the tone, showcasing a commitment to professionalism and organization. It reassures callers that their call is important and that they are dealing with a well-managed, reliable centre.

Efficient Call Handling

Early childhood education centres are usually always busy, and calls can flood in at any time. An IVR system acts as a virtual receptionist, efficiently directing calls based on the caller’s needs. Whether it’s enrolment enquiries, billing questions, or general information, the IVR ensures that calls are directed to the right department or staff member, which saves time for both callers and staff.

Reduced Wait Times and Frustration

Long call-wait times and getting bounced around from one department to another can be frustrating. A professionally implemented IVR system/menu of options, reduces caller frustration by quickly identifying the purpose of the call and routing it to the right department accordingly. This not only improves the caller experience but also increases the efficiency of the centre’s phone system.

24/7 Accessibility

Parents often have busy schedules, and they may need to contact the centre outside of regular business hours. An IVR after-hours recording provides 24/7 accessibility, allowing parents to access important information or leave a message at any time. This ensures that their needs are addressed promptly, even when the centre is closed.

Enhanced Professionalism

A professionally recorded message on hold and IVR system is guaranteed to enhance the overall professionalism of an early childhood education centre. It demonstrates to parents and the community that the centre is committed to providing high-quality service and values clear communication every step of the way.

Consistent Branding and Messaging

Consistency is the key for business branding and messaging. A professionally recorded message on hold and IVR system will ensure that the centre’s branding and messaging are consistent across all customer touchpoints. This reinforces the centre’s brand identity and helps build trust with parents and the community.


A professional message on hold and IVR for your Early Learning Childhood Education Centre is not just a luxury but more a necessity for early childhood education centres. It improves the caller experience, enhances professionalism, and ensures efficient call handling.

Investing in a professional phone system is an investment in the centre’s reputation and the overall satisfaction of parents and staff alike.  If you would like to find out more about a suitable phone system for your Centre, we can recommend one of our Telco/Phone System partners in our area who we work closely with. 

McGirvanmedia is the largest message on Hold and IVR voice telephony supplier on Australia’s East Coast.  Our team can assist in creating a message on hold/IVR draft script for your Early Learning Childhood Education Centre.

Please email us at enquiries@mcgirvanmedia.com.au or call to speak to one of our experts on 1-800 777 428. You can listen to some of the recent audio recordings we have produced for Early Childcare Centres here:



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