by Qantas for 30 years.

Corporate Message-On-Hold-Services and IVR Services

100% Money Back
money-back guarantee

Corporate Message-On-Hold-Services and IVR Services

Free Demo in 24hrs
personalised demo in 24hrs

Corporate Message-On-Hold-Services and IVR Services

Fast Voice Translations


Voice Translations
Accent Perfect

Corporate Message-On-Hold-Services and IVR Services

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For all of your COVID-19 & emergency announcements, contact our Audio Solutions Helpdesk 1800 777 428

You're in Good Company

Real Life Success Stories

And we'll ALSO earn your trust with our 100% money Back Guarantee*

*If you don't believe we give you more sales: better image in the first 90 days, weʼll give you your money back IN FULL no questions asked.

Free Demo

Obligation FREE personalised On-Hold Demo for you. 24 hour turn around.


Messages On Hold

Trusted audio for your phone system, as used by Qantas worldwide for 27 years.  PLUS, our famous 100% money back guarantee.


IVR Recording

Directing your callers with IVR (Interactive Voice Response), PLUS Welcome / afterhours / Queue / Menu Prompts.


Voice Translations

23 Languages, accent perfect.  Specialising in fast turnaround on Asian and Middle Eastern languages. 

Free Stuff

Plus! $1820 in valuable stuff you don’t pay for as a McGirvanmedia client! Take a look!

Voice & Music Samples

Professional voice artists, script writers and royalty-free music


Listen to Voice Demos

The best voices in the business!  Choose your own brand voice to create the impression you want for your business.


Listen to Music Samples

Choose from our copyright free selection, or we can produce your own brand music and you can own exclusively!


Instore Music

It's your very own retail radio station.  It plays targetted messages, up-sells and cross-sells, and trains your staff!

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1800 777 428 +61 7 3253 0400

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McGirvanmedia Messages On Hold began in 1987. We are the regionsʼ premium On Hold and Voice Telephony provider trusted by over 1000 companies in the region. Our friendly, helpful team are the reason for that. At McGirvanmedia, we donʼt teach our people to be nice… we hire nice people.

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