Message on Hold and IVR servicing New South Wales Businesses

Message on Hold and IVR servicing New South Wales Businesses

Messages On Hold Sydney

Your Sydney business is sure to stand out from the rest with a bespoke on hold message and IVR to ensure your callers feel connected throughout the customer experience?

When you choose McGirvanmedia to create and produce an on hold/IVR solution, not only are you investing in your customers’ satisfaction, but you are investing in your brand’s image and credibility.

It’s a well-known fact that no reputable business owner in Sydney wants to keep their valued callers waiting, but this is sometimes hard to avoid. You only have so many staff, and when they’re all busy, it’s inevitable that incoming callers will have to wait to speak to a member of your team.

The solution?

On hold messages and recorded announcements voiced and produced by McGirvanmedia will keep your callers engaged and excited while they’re waiting. Whatever your unique business needs are, we’ve got the answers to help build your Sydney brand and send it soaring to even greater new heights!

With over 35 years in the industry, we’ve got the skills and expertise to tailor a five-star solution for your business needs. Whether you’re in need of an original on hold message, a music only production, or some IVR voice announcements, we’ve got the ideal audio solution for every business throughout Sydney, and New South Wales.

What Are On Hold Messages?

Also known as marketing messages or a message on hold, content is created for Sydney businesses to convey industry relatable information for callers waiting on hold or for a call to be transferred to the relevant person they want to speak to. A concise, tailored message on hold will give your Sydney company the professional edge over your competitors, will boost customer satisfaction, and even get you that extra sale. Content for on hold messages are a specialist area of branding and marketing to form part of your overall marketing strategy.

Why Does Your Sydney Business Need A Message On Hold?

Time is precious and it’s a well-known fact that most people dread being left on hold. This could be, mainly due to a lack lustre, robotic recording played on repeat, seemingly for all eternity, Y-A-W-N!!  The good news is that being on hold doesn’t have to be a bad experience for your callers.  This is where we can organise a bespoke audio solution; a  unique Message on Hold created especially for your Sydney business.

Your fully personalised on hold message is voiced and produced to educate and inform your callers about your Sydney business every step of the way.  We can also feature all of the latest company news. Effective marketing messages that will keep the caller engaged are much more than a generic ‘All our lines are busy at the moment, please hold,’ use your unique message as an opportunity to:

  • Provide general business information about your business in Sydney and the Metro area
  • Point callers towards relevant resources (your website or social media)
  • Prompt callers for the information they’ll need for the call (name, address, account, or reference numbers)
  • Keep the caller informed about seasonal changes to your business (updated opening hours)
  • Promote special offers
  • Advertise company events
  • Support and cross market other areas and advertising your Sydney business has in place

We supply our message on hold and IVR service to clients all over New South Wales, with the main regions being – Sydney, Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Illawarra, Coffs Harbour, Southern Highlands, Riverina, Northern Rivers, Central New South Wales, Parramatta, Penrith, Blue Mountains, Manly, Byron Bay, Wollongong, Nowra, Bathurst, Bowral, Tamworth, Wagga Wagga, Albury, and Dubbo.

Let our Creative team script some content written just for you, or if you have something special in mind, we will work with you to create a compelling and professional message on hold that you are 100% happy with before we organise a brand voice to complement the overall.

Sometimes an employee can be asked to voice messages directly into their phone system. This may sound familiar to staff but it can sound unclear and unprofessional to first time callers and doesn’t help to build a strong interpretation of your business, lacking image consistency. When choosing McGirvanmedia for your message on hold productions, your messages will be voiced by a professional voiceover artist(s) chosen by YOU, resulting in a fully complete quality finished professional production We’ll then work our magic in the studio, mixing it with a  licenced music track(s) of your choice and any special effects (SFX) required to make your Sydney business shine.

If you run a Sydney business that prides itself on brand recognition, you want to put your best foot forward to give a personalised service to your clients with a professional on hold message and IVR to match. WOW your callers from the very first interaction they have with your staff and your company.

Why Choose McGirvanmedia For My Sydney-Based Business?

We’ve been providing professional message on hold and IVR solutions for businesses in Sydney and the wider New South Wales area for over 35 years. We have the know-how and industry expertise to help elevate your full brand recognition with new content to match.  We’re proud to work with many industries, from automotive and technical entities to construction, hospitality and finance in both the public and private sectors; it doesn’t matter what industry your business is in, we can certainly help with an effective solution!

We Get To Know You, our Sydney clients

At McGirvanmedia you can trust us – we spend time getting to know your business products and services.  When we obtain a detailed brief, and everything else we need to know, our  creative team will work on a unique informative on hold message to truly capture the essence of your company in Sydney.

We Care About Your Business Success

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for the service we provide, our Sydney clients all have different requirements. We really care about how you want to convey your business to your clients and prospects. We will do all the work for you, from liaising with your IT /Phone Technician to determine how you need to receive the recordings, to supplying a quality finished product.  We love working with our clients to achieve the best results, so please get in touch with us today to see how we can take your business image to that next level.

Personalised Demo

We want you to experience the quality of your new message on hold as soon as possible. That’s why we’ll send your very own broadcast-quality demo within 24 hours. You can request a free demo to experience how your personalised professional message will sound.

Flexible Options

We understand the importance of flexibility; that’s why we offer one-off ad-hoc recordings and service plan options where we can regularly update message on hold or IVR content for your Sydney business. No matter what your requirements are, we can find an ideal solution for you.

A Wide Range Of Voice Artists

Finding a voice to fit your brand is no trouble when you choose McGirvanmedia. Our portfolio of outstanding voiceover artists means we have the right voiceover for your brand. Choose from various accents, male, female, or a mix of both. We work with the best voices to complement your business in Sydney.  They are voice actors, so can read in any tone or style you desire, from warm and caring to friendly, vibrant and upbeat.

Your Choice Of Music

We’ve got a massive music library for you to listen to, where you can select from a mix of different genres. Whether you’re after something classical and chilled, or fast-paced and rocking, our tracks are royalty-free and owned by us exclusively and will complement your message perfectly. To learn more about what makes us tick, visit our blog page.

Our Process

Once we’ve determined on average, how long your callers are on hold for and how long your production needs to be, the process is simple:

  • We’ll work closely with you to finalise a script, suggest the best voices, read style and music.
  • Scripts can be written by our writers from scratch, or you might like to have some input
  • Once approved, we’ll start production.
  • When your message is ready to go live, we can send your production in any MP3 or WAV file format to be fully compatible with the technical elements of your phone system.

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