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Lost in Translation: How to Speak Your International Caller’s Language

21 May 2020


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With over 300 separately identified languages spoken in Australian homes, speaking your client’s language is more important than ever. In a multi-cultural society, more companies are incorporating foreign languages as part of their customer service experience.

Here at McGirvanmedia Audio Solutions, we guarantee accent-perfect, high-quality recordings in over 25 languages.

You’re included in the process every step of the way. Translations can be tricky! Rest assured we work closely with our in-house translators so that each script is ready to record in our studio.

Other languages may need more cultural consideration when describing English phrases.

It pays to do your homework when choosing a foreign translation supplier to avoid mistakes like this.

Here’s five ways you can immediately improve your communication with your foreign language callers today:

  • Foreign voice survey/feedback
  • Redirecting/informing foreign callers
  • IVR (Interactive Voice) recordings
  • FAQs
  • Travel commentary

So how does it work?

Is your Script ready?
(We can write your script if required)

1. We Translate Script
We then have your script translated by our in-house translator.

2. Confirm Cost
Our cost confirmation is then based on the length of the message.

3. Deliver
We now record your script, and send it to you in your required format.

Have a listen to some of our past work

McGirvanmedia Translation Demos

So what are you waiting for? Contact us and get started on your scripting today.

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