Message on Hold and IVR servicing Queensland Businesses

Message on Hold and IVR servicing Queensland Businesses

Messages on Hold Brisbane

For your Brisbane business, you want nothing but the best experience for customers using your services and buying your products. However, how can you guarantee everyone gets the same experience service.  A bespoke on hold message is what you need to make your business stand out to provide the best impression and overall experience for your callers.

With McGirvanmedia handling your marketing message and IVR content you will be assured five-star quality, with both your brand and credibility highly benefiting. – you are conveying your services and products to potential new and existing customers waiting to speak to you.  You don’t want to be one of a handful of businesses in Queensland to forget about the value of a caller waiting on the phone.  It’s great airtime and such a positive way to market your business, conveying important details about what is happening within the business, as well as the products on sale etc.  Have the absolute best outcome with your very own personalised IVR and Message on Hold recordings, for those times your callers are on hold.  With the Creative content your callers hear, they will be engaged the entire time they are on the phone. It’s a win-win situation and a better image guaranteed.

Understanding What On Hold Messages Are  

An on-hold message is essentially marketing content created for callers to listen to when waiting to speak to you. You might know them by the name of marketing messages or message on hold recordings, but they all mean and do the same thing. They are a fantastic way to build a professional image of your business, enabling you to inform your callers more about your company, including when you have some exciting products, services, or events to shout about! When you create an on-hold message for your business, you are effectively creating content that you believe shines your Brisbane business in the best light. This will be concise and extremely informative, such as the latest news in your business, offers on certain products, or specific details on business opening hours. Having such a message set up also helps the caller feel more at ease, knowing they are still in the queue waiting to speak to you.

Why Your Brisbane Business Would Benefit From Professional Voice Messages

Any industry based in Queensland would benefit from investing in a personalised Message on Hold production for several reasons. Nobody likes being left on hold, and who can blame them? They want to be speaking to a member of your team as soon as the call connects – they don’t want to be sitting in silence waiting for you to answer, twiddling their thumbs while listening to phone generated music or a robotic sounding voice.  Although you and your staff would ideally like to be able to answer ALL calls straightaway, sometimes, it can be impossible. Rather than lose potential customers listening to silence or dreary phone generated music repeating over and over, why not keep them engaged and informed for their entire on hold experience? You need the best bespoke solution: a Message On Hold by McGirvanmedia Audio Solutions. Every message recorded and produced is carefully written by our creative team with the goal of being unique and personalised to you, and goes into detail about your business and so much more. We will make our business stand out with interesting content read by your very own brand voice chosen by you.

Why We Are Perfect For Your Brisbane Business

Running a business in the Sunshine State means you know how to make excellent choices. It’s also imperative to choose a message on hold business that is right for you, and who will work closely with you to create personalised messages.  In order to convince you we are the right business for your brand, we wanted to highlight exactly what you get when you choose us. For over 35 years, we have provided professional voice audio, including message on hold and IVR recordings to businesses in Brisbane and beyond in the regional Queensland area. We will help to showcase your business, conveying vital information to your callers. Beyond this, with us, you can enjoy all of this and more.

Not only do we supply our message on hold and IVR service to businesses in the Brisbane Metro, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions, but our clients are also located in other Queensland towns and cities, including Central Queensland, Rockhampton, Toowoomba, Townsville, Cairns, Southern Downs, and Far North Queensland.

Same Day Personalised Demo Recording

Listen to a demo version of your message on hold before you commit! Within 24 hours, we can send you a personalised, broadcast-quality demo production, so you can see how your investment will pay off. Simply request your free demo when you start your journey with us, we will have it back to you pronto!

At McGirvanmedia, We Care

Every Brisbane client who wants to put their best foot forward to portray an excellent brand, contacts us because they know they will get a 5-star experience. We don’t follow the one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we form lasting relationships with our clients by getting to know more about their services and products. Based on a full brief received from you, containing detailed information about your company, products and services, we will then produce the best personalised on hold message.  We do all the work…. From scriptwriting and consulting on content, to supplying your completed production in the file format you need for your phone system!

Voice Announcements read by the Best Voices in the Business  

It’s not just the words read that matter, it’s how the overall finished product is delivered in the right tone and style.  Our talented group of voiceover artists deliver outstanding quality and there is sure to be the right voice suitable for your brand. Choose a female or male voiceover artist, or maybe a mix of both. Whoever you pick, they will read your messages in the desired tone you want to represent your brand and business.  You might want a warm friendly sound or a more upbeat presence. The choice is entirely yours – our voiceover artists will work based on whatever you need.

Total Flexibility and Tailored Packages for YOUR Business

McGirvanmedia isn’t your typical one-stop-shop. Instead of offering the same service plan to every company, we will offer a flexible solution.  We will work with you to forecast the ideal on-hold message service for your Brisbane business.

A Great Selection Of Music

Our music tracks are owned by us, which means you are indemnified against any performing rights. Our music and messages are licenced to play on your phone system.  You can select the music that best suits your business and your audience from a wide range of genres which you can source from our library. We have everything from chilled classical music to fast-paced, more modern, royalty-free sounds. Please feel free to offer suggestions that will work  harmoniously with your message or you can leave it up to us.

Check out our blog page to discover more about on hold messages and how we can help you!

How Does Our Process Work?

First, we find out, on average, how long your callers are on hold so we can determine how long your production needs to be.

Once we’ve gathered all the relevant information, we can then:

  • Complete the final script with your approval and assistance, providing expert advice on brand voices, style, music, and so much more. Let us know how much input you want to put into the script – our writers are happy to complete a script from scratch or listen to your ideas and direction.
  • When you are 100% happy, we can start recording your approved script with the voice talent of your choice in the voice booth.
  • When we’ve finished creating your message, we will send through the finished product as an MP3 or WAV file format to upload into your phone system.

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