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Alan interviews Keith Abraham: Don’t Go Through It, Grow Through It

21 May 2020


alan mcgirvan and keith abraham in studio

Alan was fortunate enough to speak with motivational keynote speaker and author, Keith Abraham, about steps he has taken as well as how we can adapt and overcome challenges during the current health crisis.

“The first thing I did was connect with suppliers, people who have looked after me, making sure they’re ok”.

“The second thing is contacting the 300 plus clients of mine either with a phone call or a text message. To be the safe pair hands and calm voice for them. Giving a spirit of generosity and a spirit of service. What does that mean? Add value. What can we do to help people get through this, and not just go through it, but grow through it. Because there is opportunity on the other side of this, if you’re focused on the opportunity”

Make no mistake, there’s no going back to “the way it was” when it comes to how we do business. What we do and where we do it will have changed completely.

Keith says it’s not all bad news. “You’ve got to look as this as an opportunity, because if you don’t you going to become stuck, stale, stagnant and stalled.”

You may be thinking to yourself “But what can I do right now”?

To that question Keith shares “firstly you’ve got to control the controllables. So, if all you can control is the next week or the next month, then be masterful of that.”

“My definition of long term is the next 30 days. What I do in the next 30 days, and the next 30 days after that, and after that, so 90 days, will really set me up for the next two to five years.”

Watch the interview here:

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