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How Important Is A Professional Voice To Represent & Define Your Business Image?

8 June 2021


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Have you ever called Qantas, Energex or RACV and been welcomed with a warm and friendly voice at the other end of the line?  That voice then directs you through a series of prompts to ensure you are directed to the correct contact centre agent/department.  These friendly voices are professional voice talents and their role is to ensure you, the caller, will experience the best customer service from the very start of your phone call.

With over 30 years of experience, it has been proven that a professionally recorded voice is a valuable asset to your business – You will sound helpful, supportive, and professional….100% recognisable to callers. If you want your business to acquire a certain persona or quirky character, our voice talents can show off some personality and charisma to the caller while they are at the other end of the line.

An effective voice is based on a detailed brief of your brand guidelines and core values of the business.   Ask yourself, “what do I feel when I think about my brand?”. For example, are you a professional and corporate business or do you want to appeal to a younger audience and keep the mood light and fun? Some of the many read styles we use are:

  1. Professional: This read style is warm but concise and corporate. Some might liken the read style as informative and almost like a newsreader.
  2. Vibrant: This read style is perfect for the hospitality industry and appeals to a younger audience – Heavy promotional ‘sit up and notice yet not too OTT’ style – 100% cheerful e.g. Bold and bright tone especially for any promo material.
  3. Caring Friendly: Clinics and hospitals often like a voice talent’s warm caring and friendly read style as it has a calming effect and exudes ‘caring’ to ensure the person calling will feel like they’re cared for an are going to be looked after.
  4. Character: Our voice talents are Voice ACTORS at the end of the day! They love to get into character, from putting on a French, American or any accent, to playing a famous person. Some well-known characters our talents have voiced include Dame Edna Everage, Donald Trump, Alan Jones, Mike Myers, and Crocodile Dundee and many more. The voices can be delivered in either a humorous or professional style, depending on requirements.

Please check out some samples from our brilliant voice talents on our books:  We may be biased, but we believe McGirvanmedia Audio Solutions have the best voices in the business.

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