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How Messages on Hold Can Improve Customer Experience

27 May 2024


Improving Customer Experience: The Power of Messages on Hold

When was the last time you called a business, and you were placed on hold, either automatically, or by a person answering the phone?  It’s a common occurrence for many of us, and it certainly doesn’t have to be an un-rewarding experience.  Personalised Message on hold content does enhance the customer experience. Let’s explore how your business can achieve this.

The Benefits of Reducing Hold Times

One of the most significant frustrations for customers is waiting on hold for long periods. By using messages on hold effectively, you can help reduce perceived wait times. Studies show that when callers are informed and engaged while on hold, they are less likely to hang up, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Keeping Customers Informed with Important Information

Interesting Message on Hold content provides a valuable opportunity to keep your customers informed about important information. Whether it’s details about your products and services, current promotions, or changes in your business operations, you can use this time to educate and update your callers, which will always result in an engaging customer experience. These messages can play in-queue and on-hold to keep your callers informed throughout the call flow.

Personalising the Hold Experience with Custom Messages

Personalisation is the key to create a positive customer experience. By using custom messages on hold, you can tailor your communication to the specific needs and interests of your callers. Whether it’s greeting them and thanking them for their patience or providing relevant information based on their previous interactions with your business, personalisation can make a significant impact on overall customer satisfaction. Did you know you can also have intermittent IVR recordings that keeps the caller informed on their place in the queue?

Maintaining Professionalism and Brand Image

Your messages on hold are a positive extension of your brand. They provide an opportunity to reinforce your professionalism and brand image. By using professional voiceover artists and high-quality recordings, you can ensure that your messages reflect the values and standards of your business, leaving a positive impression on your callers.

Increasing Customer Retention through Engaging Content

Retain customer credibility with constant appeal. By creating compelling content for your messages on hold, you will captivate your callers’ attention and keep them interested in what you have to say on a range of topics relating to your business. Whether it’s sharing interesting facts, customer testimonials, or even a bit of humour, engaging content can help create a memorable and positive experience for your callers.

On-hold messages are a powerful tool for improving the customer experience. By reducing hold times, keeping customers informed, personalising the hold experience, maintaining professionalism, and creating engaging content, you can enhance your customers’ overall perception of your business and stats show an increase in customer retention. So, the next time you put a customer on hold or they’re waiting in-queue, remember the true potential that messages on hold have to make a positive impact on their experience.

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