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The Benefits of Message on Hold and In-Queue Systems for Businesses

14 May 2024


People are so time poor these days when it comes to customer interaction.  This means that businesses are constantly seeking new ways to make the caller experience more dynamic and user friendly, in a much smaller timeframe.  

Two instrumental tools appear at the forefront of this endeavour – Message on Hold (MOH) and In-Queue systems. In this article, we explore the major benefits that these marketing tools bring to the table; transforming moments of waiting into valuable opportunities for engagement and brand reinforcement.

1. Captivating Caller Attention During Wait Times

The first and most immediate benefit of Message on Hold and In-Queue systems is the ability to captivate the attention of callers during wait times. Instead of subjecting callers to silence or generic music, or worse still, the dreaded loud bell chimes, these systems allow businesses to deliver targeted messages, promotions, and important information. This engagement not only avoids caller frustration, but also transforms wait times into valuable moments of communication, making the most of every interaction with your callers before you physically speak with them.

2. Reinforcing Brand Identity and Messaging

Message on Hold and In-Queue systems serve as powerful tools for reinforcing brand identity and messaging. By strategically crafting messages to align with your brand voice and values, businesses can use this time to instil confidence, share company achievements, or highlight unique selling propositions. Consistent and compelling content will not only strengthen and enhance your brand, it leaves a lasting impression on your clients and prospects, contributing to a positive perception of your business.

3. Informing and Educating Callers

Message on Hold and IVR in queue systems provide an excellent platform for informing and educating callers about various aspects of your business. The content might include new product launches, upcoming events, or even changes in business operations. By keeping callers well-informed, businesses not only enhance customer awareness but also contribute to a sense of transparency and trust.

4. Cross-Selling and Up-Selling Opportunities

Message on Hold and In-Queue systems are valuable avenues for implementing strategic cross-selling and up-selling initiatives. While callers are waiting, why not seize the opportunity to subtly promote additional products or services? This targeted approach not only increases revenue potential but also introduces callers to offerings they might not even have considered, thereby expanding their engagement with the business.

5. Managing Caller Perceptions During Busy Periods

In peak hours or during unexpected surges in call volume, it’s common for callers to experience longer wait times. Message on Hold and In-Queue systems play a crucial role in managing caller perceptions during very busy periods. By providing updates on wait times, offering apologies for delays, and assuring callers that their calls are important, businesses can mitigate frustration and maintain a positive image in the eyes of customers. With more sophisticated and improved voice telephony software in the marketplace, there are now many more opportunities to be more user friendly to your callers, including a virtual hold function call-back if the wait times are extensive.

6. Enhancing the Customer Experience

Implementing a Message on Hold and In-Queue system certainly puts your customer first. They significantly contribute to enhance the overall customer experience by demonstrating that your business values the caller’s time and is committed to keeping them informed and engaged. A positive experience during wait times can translate into increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Did you know, based on a mystery shop done by ACXPA in August 2023, the average wait time in queue at contact centres were 03:13 minutes with the lowest wait time being  0:51 seconds in the Internet Provider sector and the longest being 4:42 minutes in the Banking sector? Callers are generally only willing to wait on hold for 2 minutes or less, so it’s so important to ease frustrations with suitable industry related and interesting on-hold recordings.

7. Aligning with Regulatory Compliance

In certain industries, there are regulatory requirements regarding the information that must be communicated to customers. Message on Hold and In-Queue systems provide a controlled and compliant environment for delivering necessary information. Whether it’s sharing legal disclaimers, privacy policies, or industry-specific details, these systems ensure that businesses meet regulatory standards without compromising the caller experience.

8. Analytics and Performance Tracking

State-of-the-art Message on Hold and In-Queue systems often come equipped with analytics and performance tracking features. Businesses can gain insights into caller behaviour, preferences, and the effectiveness of different messages. These analytics empower businesses to refine their messaging strategies, ensuring continuous improvement and optimization for the overall caller experience.

9. Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

Message on Hold and In-Queue systems are extremely cost-effective and requires minimal investment for potentially significant returns. Unlike traditional advertising channels, these systems allow businesses to communicate directly with a captive audience, making them an efficient and targeted way to promote products, services, or special offers.

Conclusion: Elevating Wait Times to Moments of Opportunity

Message on Hold and In-Queue systems go beyond merely managing wait times; they transform these moments into valuable opportunities for engagement, communication, and brand reinforcement. Create a positive caller experience, enhance brand perception, and even drive additional revenue through targeted promotions. In the orchestration of customer interactions, these systems emerge as a positive advantage, turning the monotony of waiting on hold, into captivating connectivity and engagement.

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