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Why a Professional Message on Hold and IVR Solution for your business is more important than ever in 2023!

4 January 2023


2022 was a tough year for most people and we’re still feeling the effects……..after all a Pandemic is a life-changing event and something that has never happened in our lifetime. 

As we head into a new year, people seem to have a much more positive outlook for the future, both professionally and personally.

New Year, New Sound!  Time for a Change!

We’re back from our end of year break, and we are already seeing that potential and existing clients are looking for fresh brand recognition.

Marketing and IT personnel are diligently preparing their marketing strategies and implementations, and most are fully aware that a message on hold and IVR solution is an essential component of that marketing/implementation strategy for their business.  

Some companies can overlook the relevance of professional recordings for their voice telephony platforms.   They don’t understand that running key messaging with the ability to routinely update content is the ideal way to effectively communicate with new and repeat callers in conjunction with marketing other products and service offerings.

Improve the Customer Experience with an effective voice telephony solution in 2023?

Does your business have any upcoming events or promotions? Perhaps you want to advertise you will be representing your business at an interstate trade show this year. Let your callers know so you can schedule a meeting with them when you are in town.

A fresh professionally recorded message is a relevant and valuable marketing tool for your business.  New and relevant information allows callers to hear all about the exciting events happening for your business in 2023!

Do you have new products and services to launch in 2023? We think you should shout it from the rooftops in every way possible – On the website, a social media post, and an update to your message on hold and IVR (voice announcements).   It’s apparent that more and more Businesses know the relevance of Message on Hold and IVR recordings for their phone system and it’s now a vital call to action on their Comms Checklist.

There’s a high chance that a caller will be placed on hold, so it needs to be an exciting part of the customer journey for them.

Why McGirvanmedia

We are celebrating 35 years as Australia’s premium voice on hold business in 2023, so from experience, we know how important marketing messages and voice announcements are the perfect combination to keep your clients informed every step of the way. Upsell, cross sell and promote your business!  Our creative team are always available to workshop script content, and help you select a brand voice and music track to complement your marketing strategies and events for this year. 


Whether you are a SME or large Corporation, to kickstart 2023, why not experience our professional voices first-hand? Click HERE for your free Message on Hold demo.  We will focus on the most important aspects of your business.   We can send your completed demo to you within 24 hours, it’s that easy.  Have any questions for us? We’d love to hear from you.  Call 1800 777-428.

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