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We Reveal The Top 5 Insights For Contact Centres

14 February 2020


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National recruitment agency, SMAART has created the unique ‘Australian Contact Centre Best Practice Report 2019’, and are now taking registrations for 2020. 

The 2019 48-page report is full of useful industry data and case studies, with contributions from over 100 Australian Contact Centres who registered.There are some interesting topics in the report such as rostering, KPI’s, modern ways of working, employee and centre performance, salaries, offshoring training and development, and so much more.

Here are just some of the insights from the 2019 report.

Average number of calls expected to be handled per day
Average talk time per 8 hour shift
Work-from-home productivity
Customer service base salary

Last year’s report was so well received that SMAART is now taking registrations for 2020. This year’s report will build on the data already collated but will take more of an in-depth look at topics that contact leaders have identified as crucial new content. 

Some items up for discussion and contribution:

  • Absenteeism and attrition
  • Employee engagement
  • Technology for better performance
  • Customer experience
  • Agent bonus and commission structures

By the way, registration is FREE – even better, for every 2020 registration, SMAART is donating $50 to Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund.

We would really encourage anyone involved in the Australian Contact Centre Industry to participate in the Best Practice Report. When people who are passionate in their industry can impart their experiences, this gives an invaluable insight into up-to-date industry data for 2020. Click here to complete the 2020 survey. (Survey now closed).

To receive a complete copy of the 2019 Best Practice Report, please contact james@smaart.com.au.

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