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How To Keep Your Customers Informed During COVID-19

16 April 2020


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Individuals and businesses have had to change how they operate to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic almost overnight. More people are working from home and many businesses have had to make changes to their business hours and inform customers of delays or alternative methods to contact the business. Not only that, businesses and government bodies are inundated with phone calls which can have customers being placed on hold for longer than average times. 

McGirvanmedia Audio Solutions can create audio messages and announcements to keep your callers informed during these tough times.

These could include:

  • Change of business hours
  • Informing callers that you are working remotely
  • Informing callers of protocols put in place to keep both staff and customers safe
  • Government initiatives that affect your business or provide benefits for your customers
  • Answers to some FAQS
  • Redirecting customer enquiries to an email or website link
  • Thanking customers for their continued support
  • Foreign language translations and recordings

Here are some examples of recordings we have produced for our clients:


“For the latest information and updates about COVID 19 and the Queensland Children’s Hospital, visit our website or download the MyQCH app via the App Store or Google Play. As the COVID19 pandemic continues to evolve, there will be some changes to outpatient appointments and non-urgent surgeries at the Queensland Children’s Hospital to ensure we continue to deliver the best and safest care for Queensland children. This includes conducting more appointments via phone and videoconferencing, and the postponement of non-urgent appointments and surgeries. We will contact you directly if there are any changes to your child’s care. For the latest service updates, visit our website.”

Medical Clinic:

“We’re screening ALL patients for coronavirus, If you have recently returned from any travel or had contact with a known case and you have a fever, a cough, sore throat, runny nose, or difficulty breathing, please ring ahead of time to discuss the process regarding infection control, letting the staff and doctor know of your travel history and symptoms.”

Government Call Centers:

“Thank you for calling, due to the current health crisis you may experience longer wait times. Please note that you can press one to request a call back at any time.”


“Thanks for holding. Are you calling about the State Government COVID-19 Household Utility Assistance Package? Here’s what we know. The payment is $200 per household – intended as $100 financial relief for water bills and $100 for electricity. It will be applied through household electricity bills – not water and sewerage bills – as this is the simplest and quickest way for the State Government to provide the money to households.  Go to qld dot gov dot a u to learn more.”


“Has COVID 19 got you worried? At Bartons we’ve cleaned that worry away. All vehicles are sanitised with Stayzon *stays on** surface and Air. All dealerships have had Air Mist Sanitisation treatments internally- bringing germs to zero and we’ve increased Dealership cleaning to 4 times daily as a minimum standard. For more on what Bartons are doing to protect you and its staff visit www dot bartons dot net dot au”


“Did you know that THAI is allowing some customers to extend travel up until December 2021?  Visit Thai airways dot com for details or ask us for more information.”

Food and Beverage:

“For those stuck at home, our online store is fully stocked and you need not go without. Our customer service team is always here to answer your questions via email or phone.”

Let us help!

If you’re unsure of what your business should be telling your customers, leave it with our skilled script writers. All we need from you is some guidelines and a bit about your business and we’ll do the rest. We also have an array of voiceover artists to choose from with the perfect, professional and comforting voice for your message on hold.

Call the scriptwriters hotline now: 1800 777 428

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