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Have You Ticked Off Updating Your Phone Message From Your Christmas ‘To-Do’ List?

11 November 2021


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It’s that time of the year when we start preparing for our well-deserved holiday break over Christmas and New Year.  More often than not, updating the after hours message is left to the last minute. We thought we’d get in early to remind you that we are starting to work on festive messaging for our clients and you can start to organise your messages too!

Your Christmas prouction(s) will have a caring, warm and friendly brand voice(s), mixed with one of our exclusive Christmas tunes;  A bit of Christmas cheer is sure to put your callers in a merry mood.  You might want to inform clients about operating hours over the break.  OR you may be staying open for their convenience.

Below are a few script content tips.  Remember we can write your entire script for you and send back the first draft for your approval.

1.    Operating Hours

Essential businesses might be operating with limited staff during the holiday period. Why not let your callers know that hours have temporarily changed and when it will return to normal operational times?

 2. Closing and Reopening Dates

Many companies will be taking a much-needed break to enjoy the holidays with friends and family. Please note, McGirvanmedia will close for the holidays at noon on Friday 22nd of December 2023 and will re-open on Tuesday 2nd of January 2024.  We look forward to helping with all your requirements next year.

3. Promotions and Special Offers

Now is the time when everyone is on the search for that perfect gift.  Why not take the opportunity to inform callers about any special seasonal offers you’re running?  Big sale days such as Black Friday and Boxing Day are always full of amazing deals! We can produce several versions of your message on hold with these everchanging offers – Keep your callers connected and up-to-date with your latest deals.

4. After Hours Emergency Contact

In some instances, an emergency contact may be on standby over the break. We can create an after hours IVR recording which will mention the alternative emergency contact name and number that your callers can call when the office is closed.

5. Season’s Greetings

The Christmas spirit is well and truly in the air, sowhy not take this opportunity to thank your callers for their business and support throughout the year?  Extend your warm  warm wishes and remind them that you’re excited for the new year!

Have a listen to our Christmas music here or here’s some of our festive samples we’ve recorded recently:

If you’d like us to help with message on hold and IVR requirements over the break, get in touch with us at enquiries@mcgirvanmedia.com.au or call us on 1800 777 428.

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