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Keep Your Callers Informed During The Festive Season With These Top Tips

3 December 2020


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recent study found The volume of phone calls has surged more than internet use as people want to hear each other’s voices. Human connection is more important than ever, and the voice someone hears when they first call your business is critical in setting the tone of the conversation.

Sounding caring, warm and friendly let’s your callers know you’re there for them while also providing all the information they may need. Here are the top audio production types you need to up your customer service game to make the perfect first impression.

1.    Welcome Message

This is the first thing your caller will hear, welcoming them to your business and informing them of their next steps (for example advising of changed operating hours, and how to get through to the department they wish to speak to).

 2. Message On Hold

When on hold, your callers have an ideal opportunity to learn about your latest products and services; as well as timely information like Christmas deals, New Years offers, or even just some festive music to set the mood.

3. After Hours Message /Voicemail

Have you thought about what your customers hear if they call after hours? A professional after hours message (or voicemail) can advise them on their next steps to get in touch with your business (such as leaving a message or directing them to your website).

4. Other Audio

We do everything audio, including cinema, radio, podcasts, television, documentary, presentations, narrations and website audio. If you can dream it, we can voice it. Let us know how we can help you today.

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