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Three Simple Things You Can Do To Attract More Customers To Your Website

14 September 2020


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Alan recently caught up with Digital Marketing Strategist Kate Creevey to chat about all things SEO, and find out the three simple ways you can use Google to get more customers to your website

“SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one of the trendiest topics out there in digital marketing. Google is our top search engine around the entire world, so we want to make Google love us, and how we do that is we make Google love our website.

So, when you’re thinking your website, your website is your storefront, it’s where you want people to go. And get people to go there via Google.” Kate explains there are three simple things you need to keep in mind:

Have a user-friendly website

“Number one is have good website that functions exactly as your users need it to. I’m talking about if you were your ideal customer and you land on your website from Google, can you do what you want to do on your website?

I know that seems really simple but it is something that we can forget from a business perspective.

The rule of thumb is it should only take three clicks to get your user where they want to go, so be it an enquiry form, a product page, a shopping cart.

Google likes to know that not only your customers love your website, but also that other platforms that they see as reputable, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube do too.

You want to show Google that authority channels trust you, knows that your brand is real, reputable, and engaging with consumers in a positive way, and they will rank your website higher because it sees you as a trusted brand via another platform. An example of this is linking back to your website through your brand’s Facebook page.

Top tip: Make sure that you are doing nice consistent clear posts and commenting back to anyone that engages with your content on social media.

Create a Google My Business account

This is a free tool that Google offers, and getting this page right really will give you a major pay off. If you go to business.google.com, you will find your business listing. This is the information that appears when your business listing appears on Google.

 It’s a very important area to have updated, clear consistent information and linking to your website. When Google is thinking about “Where should I put your website” in terms of a search rank, it’s going to go “OK I’m looking at your website, I’m looking at your business listing. Is the information correct and consistent across both of those elements?”. If yes, it will then agree to rank your website higher.

I always tell everyone, particularly if you run events, promotions, sales, to update that information on that business listing, because it’s a free marketing platform for you to use and it’s hyper local so that will appear where you want your customers to be.

Watch the full interview here:

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