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Yet another reason NOT to use Radio while on hold

3 April 2017


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In this highly litigious era we live in, it is hard to believe that there are still some companies who throw caution to the wind and decide not to opt for professional Messages On Hold or Music On Hold services.

Instead they decide that they will simply connect the radio – or an MP3 player – to their phone system.

There are many good reasons NOT to do this, most notably the substantial fines incurred by companies that infringe music copyright laws and play unlicensed music.

Copyright infringement penalties range from $60,500 for individuals right up to over $300,000 for companies, and imprisonment is not out of the question for serial offenders.

Then of course, there’s the fact that you have no control whatsoever over the content of your local radio station; what they play may be totally inappropriate to your audience – worst case scenario, it may even alienate them.

And imagine what would happen if a potential customer were actually lured away by a competitor’s radio commercial while they waited there on hold.

However, as an executive in charge of your corporation’s telephony, heavy financial penalties and a lack of control over what your clients hear should be the least of your problems.

The real danger is missing out on a wealth of marketing opportunities.

Messages On HoldMusic On Hold and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) messages represents the perfect way to engage, inform, educate and direct your callers – a captive audience if ever there were one – around your various departments and let them know precisely how your company can be of service to them.

Messages On Hold Create an Unmatched New Marketing Medium

Mainstream media such as television, radio, press and print can bring clients and customers to your business, however that is just the start of their buyer’s journey.

Messages On Hold should be an extension of your marketing.

Your company spends a small fortune on marketing and advertising, so it’s crucial you carry your messages all the way through to the ‘coalface’.

Messages on Hold should reinforce the campaigns you’re running on TV and Radio, in the press and on Social Media.

This helps to keep your overall marketing consistent. In fact, you should make sure you add it to your ‘checklist’ when updating campaigns.

By making your on-hold messages part of your marketing strategy, you’ll build on the awareness already created.

You’ll also offer clients and clients-to-be a convenient prompt at this crucial ‘point of sale’.

For more information and advice about Messages On HoldMusic On Hold or IVR, contact the friendly, helpful team at McGirvanmedia today on 1800 777 428.

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