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McGirvanmedia and QANTAS Celebrate 30 Years

4 June 2019


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“Knowing we are the longest provider of services to Aussie icon, QANTAS and being, always, Queensland based are the two milestones…”

That’s what Alan McGirvan believes are the proudest moments as the Brisbane based company, McGirvanmedia celebrates 30 years.

Alan is the man credited with introducing “On Hold” phone messages to the Asia-Pacific region. McGirvanmedia now operates Australia wide and internationally across nine plus countries and growing.

Established back in 1989, McGirvanmedia has successfully built long standing relationships with some of the largest world-wide corporations to create an Australian success story.

With more than 2,000 active clients, Alan says he takes a lot of pride in his long-term relationship with QANTAS.

“Anywhere in the world, when you ring QANTAS, you’ll hear a familiar Australian voice, that’s the Qantas Brand Voice, used for all QANTAS audio telephony services supplied by us”.

QANTAS has listed McGirvanmedia Messages on Hold as its second longest Supplier of Services among its non-air-frame and engine suppliers.

Anywhere in the world when you ring QANTAS it’s a local Australian voice you’ll hear, with all QANTAS audio telephony services supplied by Brisbane based company, McGirvanmedia.

McGirvanmedia is the largest Messages on Hold/Voice Telephony company on the East Coast of Australia and has also sold the licence for their unique systems in the UK, Asia, NZ and South Africa.

And it’s not just the flying kangaroo who has chosen to use the Queensland company.

McGirvanmedia produces Interactive Voice Recordings and Messages on Hold for Coca Cola Amatil, BUPA, Department of Transport, Energy Queensland, AMP, Citigroup, RACV, Aussie and QBCC to name a few.

Alan says his years in the business have taught him is that the secret to successful business lies in just two things – The team around you and an all-round positive customer experience.

“In our game, where we talk a lot, you must always remember to listen”.

“I’ve seen many businesses fail because they focus only on the ‘transaction’ and not the relationship, and while loyalty programs and the like are important, it’s about listening to what your client needs.”

“Then you must be prepared to work with them, always”.

He says technology has provided some of the biggest advantages and some of the largest hurdles for business in the past 30 years.

“As we’ve raced to embrace technology, it’s been increasingly difficult for businesses and organisations to set a personal approach and tone… And that’s where the strategic use of audio recordings like IVR and ‘On Hold’ messaging are crucial.”

“That professional spoken word is the new image setter for a business. In most cases it’s now the first ‘human’ thing a current or potential customer encounters”.

Whether it’s promoting special offers, directing customer queries to the website, handling caller traffic flow, and ensuring callers are prepared with details such as date of birth, account membership numbers, contract details, a professional voice recording saves time for both the business and the caller, whilst also creating a positive customer experience.

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