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The Top Two Ways You Can Use Google To Boost Your Business

5 October 2020


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Kate explains, “Google is the largest search engine in the World. It gives us so much free technology and insights, and because Google has worked so hard, we now have all these things available to us complimentary for your business. Google is really the centre of any business plan these days because that is where people go in their innate behaviour to search and find your business.”

“There are two different areas that you need to be aware of. As a business owner, these can be extremely important but really simple because you already use Google every single day.”

When asked what are the top two ways you can leverage Google to boost your business, she recommends:

Organic listing

A ‘search engine organic listing’ refers to the natural or unpaid listing of a website on a search result page. Organic listings are natural listings of web pages that Google has crawled, and deemed valuable for the search term. The more informative and valuable the page around a key term, the higher it is ranked.

“is where your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) will come to play. Organic listings appear under the paid advertising. Find out more about SEO and how to boost your organic listing in our other chat with Kate here.

“As a business owner this is your bread and butter digital marketing channel. Paid advertising gives you the opportunity to place your brand above all of your other competitors.

You can create simple targeted advertising that is quick and easy to develop, which allow discovery of your brand when people are searching for brands or products like yours.

Check out the whole interview with Kate here:

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