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Why It’s Important To Have Language Recordings For Your Brand

6 May 2021


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When interacting with customers and stakeholders, you should always put your best foot forward. Whether you are a business owner, sales representative or even working in Customer Support within a contact centre environment, our objective is to give the optimum customer experience. This could be by defusing a difficult situation or showing empathy to a distraught customer. We pretty much want the end result to be positive and endearing to our caller so that they walk away feeling like they have been understood and heard.

Did you know that one in four Australians were born overseas and 20% of the population speaks a language besides English?[1] This diverse population means that your callers have a high potential of being multilingual. Census data showed that 21% of Australians spoke a language besides English at home, out of 300 identified languages, while Mandarin is the 2nd most commonly spoken language by 2.5% of the population. [2] That’s a whopping estimate of 642,326 people!

Studies have shown that companies who include an additional language recordings option into their marketing brands, build a better brand image and potentially tap into a wider share of the market, having less conflicting communication overall. This leads to higher sales and greater customer retention. For example, there might be large population of Mandarin speakers in a certain community you supply your products to.

So, how do you market your brand or convey instructions to your callers in another language?

1.  Menu Prompts

You can offer your clients professionally recorded menu prompts when your caller dials in, giving them the option to proceed in the language of their choice.

 2. Redirecting to Website

They can be redirected to the website where they will be able to source more information in the language of their choice.

3. Multilingual Customer Service

They can be transferred to a customer service representative or ‘chat bot’ who can assist in the language of their choice.

How can we help?

McGirvanmedia Audio Solutions provides up to 25 accent perfect language recordings, translated, recorded, and turned around in 24-48 hours from approval of translation. Our voice artists are professional, welcoming, and friendly to ensure your callers feel comfortable as soon as they are connected as they can understand and navigate the menu of options with ease when they hear in their familiar spoken language.

Interested in finding out More?

Take advantage of our current End of Financial Year Special Offer.  We are currently offering 50% off all cold voice Mandarin recordings for up to 200 words.   This offer includes translating content from English to Mandarin.  Offer valid until the 30th of June 2021. Call us now on 1800 777 428 or send us an email at mail@mcgirvanmedia.com.au to claim this offer.  Have a longer script or need another language? Email nell@mcgirvanmedia.com.au to get a cost confirmation.


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