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The Meteoric Rise Of Podcasting – How To Connect With Your Audience Through Podcasts

20 October 2020


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Did you know that more than 4.2 million Australians listened to radio via a DAB+ digital radio each week, and 2.2 million listened online on a connected digital device in 2018?*

I’m sure everyone working from home who tuned  in for their daily dose of radio on their commute to work is missing the ritual. Here at McGirvanmedia Audio Solutions, we’re tuned in all day everyday in the office, so we get to hear some of our very own voice talents during the ad breaks!

For all of you at home, we’ve seen a spike in podcast listeners over the past few years and expect it to only increase from here based on a study by PwC below. 

With the majority of office workers staying at home due to COVID-19, Voxnest found that global podcast listeners have increased by 42% with the spirituality genre taking the lead followed by marketing.

Every podcast has a sponsor or an ad break, just like radio and other media formats. Have you ever considered creating your own an audio ads? Giving you the opportunity to connect with your audience like never before.  

69% of research participants agreed that podcast ads made them aware of new products or services based on statistics from Podcast Insights. Here’s some demographic statistics also provided by Podcast Insights:

Convince and Convert, a marketing analysis and advisory firm, found that in 2019, 17% of listeners reported that hearing about a product or service during a podcast episode makes them much more likely to consider purchasing it, and a further 37% indicate they are somewhat more likely to do so. This is a great advertising and sponsorship opportunity for podcasts and brands alike.

With such a wide potential market tuned in, this could be your chance to create a custom audio advertisement. At McGirvanmedia, we do everything audio. We’re here to help you connect with current and potential clients, whether it’s informing them about your products and services via their favourite podcast, on television, or your local radio station, we’re here to help you get the message out.

Let us create your next audio ad, whether it be for cinema, a conference presentation, corporate Website or DVD narration, or staff training programs.  Check out some of our past work here.

We also went around the office to see what our team is currently listening to! 


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