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Did you know that you can add an on hold message to your mobile phone?

19 March 2020


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McGirvanmedia can provide the audio for a customized greeting and an on hold message for your mobile phone.

More Australian’s are working from home than ever, with the number of businesses offering flexible working arrangements growing exponentially.

According to research by Indeed, over two-thirds (68%) of Australian employers say their company now allows employees to work remotely.

Today with the COVID-19 outbreak and the social-distancing recommendation by the government, many of you might be reading this from your home.  As more and more people are better equipped to work from home, it’s a professional and ideal environment if you are correctly set up to do so. 

Larger businesses now have calls simultaneously ringing on desk phones, mobiles, and computers, with the ability to answer and swap calls between devices without losing the call. This is all thanks to cloud VoIP phone systems.

With this new technology, even smaller businesses can benefit from the opportunity to provide their customers with a better call experience.

This is great for sole traders, professionals who usually travel for work, or businesses that run from home.  A professionlly recorded message on hold or personal greeting ensures customers are well informed and cared for, and will be attended to promptly. It also guarantees that you’re  in control of the content and branding of your company while being consistent across all platforms.

Here are some benefits of having a VOIP system for your mobile phone which a range of VOIP suppliers can agree on.

With that being said, we can provide the voice to represent your brand for all IVRs, unique greetings including an after-hours message, as well as your custom message on hold, which can be loaded to your mobile phone by your internal IT ops/phone technician.

Contact us today for your personalized Message On Hold Mobile solution. Here are two demos of a special greeting done by two of our voice artists:

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