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Upgrading to The NBN Network? Watch out for this!

14 February 2018


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You will get telemarketed by telephone companies who don’t want you to know about becoming NBN-ready. HERE’S WHY YOU DON’T NEED TO REPLACE YOUR PHONE SYSTEM…

For your phone system to be NBN compliant (this really just means VOIP compliant) is actually quite simple and can be done for as little as $65. Many Telcos are inspiring fear in consumers by saying they need to purchase unnecessary new “NBN-compliant” phone systems “before it’s too late!”. Contrary to what these telco salespeople would have you believe, you probably don’t need to replace your current phone system when NBN becomes available.

So, why are Telco salespeople telling you that you need to spend thousands of dollars on new phone systems or sign up to new contracts and “VoIP bundle plans”? Because most consumers don’t know any better. It’s the Telcos way of replacing their diminishing line rental revenue as people move away from renting the existing PSTN & ISDN lines (which run on the soon-to-be-redundant copper wire).

The arrival of the NBN means that all services that are supplied over the current copper and cable broadband networks will eventually be disconnected. After connection to the NBN, you have 18 months to move your landline phone and internet services to the new NBN network. So you have more than enough time to get NBN ready.

Get an ATA Device (readily available)

So most phone systems can become NBN-ready (this really just means VoIP-Ready) with the addition of a simple ATA (Analogue Telephone Adapter) device. ATA’s (also known as phone line adapters) connect traditional landline phones or phone systems to VoIP lines that are already available to you through your existing internet connection.

A low cost device is probably all you need!

These low-cost ATAs allow you to connect existing analogue telecommunication equipment to VoIP lines without purchasing an expensive IP phone system and you can pick up a 2 line ATA for as little as $65 (e.g. this one). Even after installation costs, this option is so much cheaper than purchasing a brand new phone system.

Another option is to install a VoIP line card into your existing phone system. If you opt for a VoIP line card, make sure you contact a trusted telephone company or technician who understands your exact phone system.

Cloud based phone system solutions

With a cloud based solution, a third-party provider handles your phone system including all the responsibility of running, upgrading and maintaining the system as required at no extra cost to you. Many providers have no contract options at extremely competitive prices normally for an affordable monthly fee that is inclusive of calls. With a cloud based solution, you have no PABX unit on your premises and the only hardware are your handsets and your existing internet equipment.

Two cloud-based phone system providers that we trust and recommend are Maxo and ECN – or call us for any other recommendations.

Ask Us About Your Ideal NBN-Suitable Phone System

If you need any extra advice on how to integrate VoIP into your business communications, or if you’re unsure about which phone system best suits your business, don’t hesitate to contact us at mail@mcgirvanmedia.com.au today. At McGirvanmedia, we are happy to help you find the best solutions for your business without succumbing to the scare tactics of telco salespeople.

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