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How Voice and Music Selection can Make or Break Your Messages On Hold

4 September 2017


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When clients call your company and are placed on hold, the next few seconds are crucial.

If you have no on hold system – the worst case scenario – all they will hear is dead silence, during which they will wonder if they’ve been disconnected or completely forgotten about.

Leave them hanging too long and most will hang up…with 34% vowing to never call again.

It is infinitely better if they hear a recorded message or listen to music while waiting on hold, however the quality of that message on hold can obviously vary.

It is an important aspect, because every one of your messages on hold and every track of your music on hold subliminally reflects on your brand.

It is more than just the actual message or music; the tone of voice, tempo, volume, style of read and so forth all affect brand perception.

For example, if you managed a Health Care Facility, you’d want your recorded message to emanate warmth and professionalism, and be friendly and caring.

Conversely, if you ran a Pub or Club, what your callers hear would obviously need to be vibrant, exciting and up tempo.

Things to consider when selecting voices for On Hold Messages

With this in mind, careful consideration needs to be given to both the content of the message AND how it is conveyed.

Things to bear in mind about the voice talent you choose include:

  • Male or female, or in some cases both
  • Older or younger
  • Straight voice or a ‘character’
  • Pace of read (fast and enthusiastic, or slower and carefully measured)
  • Style of read, eg serious, informal/light-hearted, factual, conversational, first person (I, we), second person (they), etc.
  • How long will the message be?
  • Will it be one voice, or a mixed read?
  • Are translations necessary (in which case McGirvanmedia Messages On Hold can record and translate in 23 languages, all accent perfect for the region.)

Of course there is no ‘golden rule’ as to the style of read and tone of voice; it is all very subjective and should naturally be based on how you want your brand portrayed.

Remember, a phone call is often the first contact a client has with your company, so it is critical to establish the tone of your brand right from the very start.

In our experience, we have found that female voices are best for comforting/ ‘soft sell’ messages, while male voices have that air of authority about them and are better suited to technical and informative messages.

If you need advice on voices, the professional team at McGirvanmedia Messages On Hold will be only too happy to assist. Call us now on 1800 777 428 or simply contact us and we’ll get straight back to you.  

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