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NRL Grand Final 2021 At Suncorp Stadium – BTS

23 September 2021


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Suncorp Stadium, a client for 18 years, will make history on Sunday, October 3rd when they host the NRL Grand Final hosted outside NSW for the very first time.

Suncorp’s General Manager, Alan Graham, says it has been 18 years in the making and they are well and truly ready to welcome the punters through the turnstiles.

Tickets to the game are on hold  until the final two teams are announced next week, which will give those footy fans the opportunity to purchase tickets. 

Grand final spectators will also be treated to a brand new spectacular coloured LED lighting upgrade….just in time for Grand Final Day. We’d like to congratulate Suncorp Stadium for hosting what will be an awesome grand final!

Check out Alan McGirvan’s catch-up at Suncorp Stadium this week:

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