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McGirvanmedia and QANTAS Celebrate Over 25 Years

15 September 2017


mcgirvan media and qantas plane old photo

While many Australian companies continue to rush ‘off-shore’, one Global Giant has learnt the lesson of local loyalty… and that loyalty falls to McGirvanmedia.

QANTAS has listed among its non-air-frame and engine suppliers, an Australian company as its second longest Supplier of Services.

And it’s McGirvanmedia. Messages on Hold!

For more than 25 years anywhere in the world when you ring QANTAS it’s a local Australian voice you’ll hear, with all QANTAS telephony services supplied by Brisbane based company, McGirvanmedia.

Well-known Australian Media Identity and owner, Alan McGirvan says his association with QANTAS gives him a sense of pride.

“We held a Platinum Client Lunch in Sydney recently and our Qantas contact reminded me that we are their second-longest Supplier of Services Worldwide. They’ve been using us for 26 years now. It’s quite an honour.”

Alan McGirvan established the Message on Hold business back in the early 80’s and has quietly worked with some of the largest names on the planet to build and establish an Australian icon.

McGirvanmedia remains the largest Messages on Hold/Voice Telephony company on the East Coast of Australia.

It lists over 1,000 clients in Australasia and has also sold the licence for their unique systems in the UK, Asia, NZ and South Africa.

Alan says the success of the company rests in two things- A focus on client results and our team! At McGirvanmedia – We don’t just teach our people to be nice, we hire nice people!

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