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A Day In The Life Of A Voiceover Artist – Meet Alison.

6 November 2020


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Have you ever wondered what happens in a day in the life of a voiceover artist?

Nell takes us behind the scenes with one of our very own scriptwriters and voice talents, Alison.

Meet Alison, voiceover artist, actress, children’s picture book author, mother of two, and a Sagittarius.

When asked what’s a typical working day in a booth, Alison says, “I come in, grab the scripts, have a quick read through to see if there’s any weird pronunciations I have to be careful of, see what read it is – professional, vibrant or friendly,” and she gets right into it.

She was then asked what does she enjoy the most about voiceover work, she explains, “Since I’ve always been a singer and an actress, I love using my voice and doing voiceover work because I can then be creative”. She also adds that her favourite part of it all is “When I get a quirky, different kind of script where I can bring my personality into it and have a bit of fun with it and I really enjoy hearing from clients that they’re really happy with the script and with the read that I’ve done.”

Alison had a bit of a giggle when asked if she does any character voices and said, “not really but I do a few accents, because Nell is English, and we chat back and forth speaking in a Cockney accent.”

But what does she get up to when she’s not in the booth?
“When I do get spare time, I love writing books for children. I write lots of picture books for kids and I’ve got my first published picture book coming out this year in November which is really exciting. 

You can listen to Alison as well as our other amazing voiceover artists in our Audio Library.

Check out Ally behind the scenes in our very own studio:

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